Horror Bites: Emma Stone Kills More Zombies; James Wan Circles 'The Conjuring'; 'The Crow' Lands a Screenwriter

Horror Bites: Emma Stone Kills More Zombies; James Wan Circles 'The Conjuring'; 'The Crow' Lands a Screenwriter

Jun 24, 2011

Welcome to another installment of Horror Bites, our semi-regular round-up of all the biggest news in the world of fright flicks. We’ve got lots of good stuff to cover today, so let’s just jump right in.


The Crow movie

-- Things have been fairly quiet on the The Crow remake front, but we do have an update. Relativity released an announcement stating that screenwriter Alex Tse has been hired to pen the “gritty” reimagining of the cult classic. Tse will work alongside 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to recraft the story of Eric Draven – a man who comes back from the dead to avenge the murder of his wife. Bradley Cooper has been cast in the lead role, which has made many fans nervous. Brandon Lee played the character in the original, and died during the filming.

-- Actress Emma Stone is no stranger to battling the undead – she spent time killing zombies in Reuben Fleischer’s Zombieland – and apparently she’s ready for another tour of duty. THR’s Heat Vision is reporting that Stone has been offered the lead role in Craig Gillespie’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The film is based on a novel that updates the classic Austen tale – adding a deadly viral outbreak that turns the dead into flesh-eating ghouls alongside all of the romance.

Stone is the latest in a line of actresses to be linked to the project, including Mia Wasikowska and Anne Hathaway.

-- Fresh off the success of Insidious, director James Wan is already circling his next project. Variety says the director, who co-created the Saw franchise and was at one time attached to the screen adaptation of Castlevania, is eyeing The Conjuring.

The film, which is set up at New Line, is another “based on true events” tale about a family’s encounter with the supernatural in their Rhode Island home. Maybe the ghoulies from A Haunting in Connecticut just needed a change of scenery…

-- There are at least four different film versions of Frankenstein in the works, but that hasn’t deterred Fox from adding their own take to the mix according to Variety.

The studio is reportedly hard at work developing a new film based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel of the macabre, with screenwriter Max Landis (son of director John Landis) attached to write the script. Details on what angle the new script will take are hard to come by, but the film is entering a crowded monster market. At present, Timur Bekmambetov is working on a prequel, Tim Burton is re-doing Frankenweenie, there’s an adaptation of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son in development, and a big screen version of the comic book I, Frankenstein in the works. That’s not even considering Guillermo Del Toro’s long planned take on the tale…

Will Fox’s version be able to distinguish itself from the pack? Only time will tell. 

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