Emily Blunt Hasn't Had Any Talks About 'Captain Marvel' But Knows Why Everyone Assumes She Has

Emily Blunt Hasn't Had Any Talks About 'Captain Marvel' But Knows Why Everyone Assumes She Has

Sep 14, 2015

Last Year Marvel Studios announced their first ever female-led superhero movie, Captain Marvel, would hit theaters on July 6, 2018. As soon as that news hit, people began fancasting who could play the tough, powerful Carol Danvers who gains her powers through an alien encounter. Naturally the number one name on a lot of people's minds was Emily Blunt, who had just blown everyone away in Edge of Tomorrow as a tough, powerful woman who gains (but loses) powers through an alien encounter.

Fast forward nearly a year and Emily Blunt, while at TIFF to promote her leading role in Sicario, has started talking about playing Captain Marvel. Unfortunately it's only to say "I have not heard anything about Captain Marvel," and that she unfortunately understands why everyone is quick to pin her name to it. 

I think it’s because the list is very short, because we don’t see women in these kind of roles. So I think as soon as you do a role like that, like Charlize did or I did, or Rebecca’s done -- there’s like four of us or something. And Jen Lawrence. So I feel like us four, we get talked about -- and Angie, Angelina. So it’s a list of like, four women who are going to be considered for those kind of roles. So I think that’s why the rumors happen, because they’re like, "who else? Surely not another girl can wield a gun," you know what I mean? "A woman doing push-ups? There’s only one who can do that."

And she's dead on about that. Because leading action roles for women are so thin, audiences only really think of them in terms of a tiny, tiny casting pool. Whereas on the male side, everyone from Tom Cruise to Nicolas Cage to even Sean Penn can be an action star. 

Blunt even mentioned elsewhere in her Indiewire interview that Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan was offered even more money to switch her role to that of a man's, but thankfully refused to make the change. And what's even cooler is that director Dennis Villenueve cast her in Sicario not off of Edge of Tomorrow, which he hadn't even seen yet, but because of her unassuming role in the movie The Young Victoria.

And that's just further proof that maybe people should think outside of the box and stop trying to cast the same handful of women in action movies. Maybe find an actress from a quiet period-piece drama and give them a weapon and see what happens. If you do, you could have another Sicario, which is getting rave reviews, on your hands.


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