Exclusive: This 'Elysium' Concept Art Will Make You More Excited to See the Movie

Exclusive: This 'Elysium' Concept Art Will Make You More Excited to See the Movie

Aug 06, 2013

Whether you respond to the other aspects of his movies (mainly the social commentary that drives everything) or not, it's hard to deny that Neill Blomkamp knows how to deliver some badass visuals. Even four years later, District 9 still stands out as one of the most visually innovative movies of the last decade, and now it looks like Blomkamp is gunning for his own crown with Elysium, starring Matt Damon as a man on a mission to infiltrate a space station where all the rich horde Earth's greatest treasure.

Today Titan Books releases Elysium: The Art of the Film, a hardcover book that traces the visual side of Blomkamp's sci-fi world from its earliest origin as sketches on scraps of paper to concept art to full-blown set pieces. As with all of Titan Books' film-related releases, it's a fascinating journey behind the creative curtain, and it's our pleasure to reveal some of the book's images to you as an exclusive sneak peek.

Check 'em out and click to enlarge:

There is also a limited edition available for the Elysium superfans out there.


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