Elijah Wood Gets Bloody in the First Six Minutes of 'Maniac'

Elijah Wood Gets Bloody in the First Six Minutes of 'Maniac'

Dec 28, 2012

Maniac Elijah WoodOne of our most-anticipated horror films of 2013 is Franck Khalfoun’s remake of Bill Lustig’s 1980 grindhouse classic Maniac. We’re generally not the biggest fans of remakes around here, but Khalfoun’s film has captured our imagination because it was overseen by Franco-horror wunderkind Alexandre Aja and features Elijah Wood in the lead role (made famous by the late Joe Spinell) – a mentally unbalanced killer with a penchant for scalping his female victims. That’s about as far from Frodo as you can get…

IFC has acquired the rights to the feature – but there’s no official release date yet. That makes us sad, but maybe today’s reveal of the film’s first six minutes (culminating in a gory kill that reminds us of a death from Argento’s Opera) will help ease the pain.

From this opening footage, we can see that Khalfoun has worked hard to keep the sleazy ‘80s lo-fi visual aesthetic that colored Lustig’s original, but that he’s also got a pretty keen eye for visual imagery. The result is a bit jarring – it’s a little too clean and professional to really convince us it’s a relic of that era’s exploitation output, but it still manages to make us nostalgic anyway. The whole thing has a bit of a Drive vibe – and since we loved that movie, this is a good thing.

Wood seems up to the task of playing the mentally unbalanced killer in this opening stalking sequence – and for some reason, after watching it, we had an urge to see him play the maniacal Billy in Black Christmas. We get the feeling Wood could have nailed that part.

All in all, this six minutes has us even more interested in seeing the full film. Check it out below and see what you think. We’ll bring you more info about Maniac’s release plans when they become available.

Warning: The video below is NSFW.

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