Is a Remake of Eli Roth's 'Cabin Fever' in the Works?

Is a Remake of Eli Roth's 'Cabin Fever' in the Works?

Apr 22, 2014

Cabin Fever posterThis summer sees the release of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – the third film in the bio-horror series that made Eli Roth a household name for horror fans. The franchise’s flesh-eating virus seems like the kind of thing that could be used to tell hundreds of different stories in sequels for years to come – so naturally, that means it’s time to scrap all that and reboot it.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that sources at Cannes are telling them that a remake of the 2002 film is ready to get underway. This comes as surprising news, since it’s only been 12 years since the original film debuted, and it means that the planned fourth entry in the series, Cabin Fever: Outbreak, is officially dead.

It seems unlikely that Roth will be intimately involved in the rebooting of his first feature, which found a group of young adults meeting horrible ends at an isolated cabin in the woods after they contract the deadly disease, which is probably bad news for the new version. No word yet on who might star or direct, but we’ll bring you more details as they come to light.

Is it too soon for this film to be getting the remake treatment? Do you have any interest in seeing the original Cabin Fever reimagined? Weigh in below. 





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