Watch: Badass 'Elder Scrolls' Trailer Makes Us Long for a 'Skyrim' Movie

Watch: Badass 'Elder Scrolls' Trailer Makes Us Long for a 'Skyrim' Movie

Jan 23, 2013

Over the last few years game companies have gotten very, very good at cutting together cinematic trailers for their properties. But even in a field where the bar has already been substantial raised, the new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online stands out. It's just an opening scene that sets up a story of three fantasy races competing for the same stronghold, but it's enough to make us wish it were a trailer for a movie and not an online role-playing game.

And that makes us wonder: why isn't this a movie? Why don't game studios use their clearly capable resources to tell a feature-length story? We live in a world where a random film student can make an animated sci-fi short that gets Hollywood calling. Why aren't those same suits knocking on the inboxes of the people who made that incredible trailer?

I'm sure Elder Scrolls' publisher, Bethesda, has fielded plenty of calls about studios wanting to make movies of its highly popular properties (including Skyrim), but those calls are no doubt for a live-action movie. But why not stick with the animated route? Or even go motion capture? Sure, neither option is exactly cheap, but there are a number of alternative and independent routes to be taken. Hell, if a company like Bethesda wanted to Kickstart a Skyrim movie, they could probably raise an unprecedented amount of cash to help get it done.

I'm just hoping it won't be long before game companies start bypassing the traditional studio system and make their own movies. It's not unprecedented. Capcom's already done it with Resident Evil, even if the result isn't that incredible. It just seems like a natural next step for game companies to take. Video games are going to be the new comic book movies in years to come. We'd love to see some company take its material in its own hands instead of just handing it off to studios. What about you?

[via Game Rant]

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