Eight Great Movie Gifts That Keep on Giving

Eight Great Movie Gifts That Keep on Giving

Dec 02, 2010

‘Tis the season to give, give, and give some more. Besides the usual suspects (iPads, Kindles, Playstations, Smartphones, etc.), what better presents to shuttle off to your moviegoing friends and fam than those inspired by the big screen? And we’re not talking about singing Justin Bieber dolls, even if that kid does have a biopic coming out. Read on for ideas of what to get the movie-obsessed in your life, whether you’re on a budget or living high on the hog.

1. Lego Hogwarts Castle (Lego 4842) ($150) With almost 1,300 pieces, this latest Harry Potter Lego set includes a clock tower with a swinging pendulum, Professor Trelawney's classroom, nine mini-figures in addition to Harry and Hermione (even Argus Filch’s cat, while mysteriously, Ron isn’t included), a secret chamber and sliding stairs found in Dumbledore’s office, among other things. Start building on your own, enlist the kids when your patience runs out.

2. Tron Gear
For Guys Everything from light-up athletic shoes to clothing accessories to gaming devices is getting the Tron high-tech treatment just in time for the holidays AND the sequel’s release Dec. 17. Get your favorite cinephile these Tron-tastic LED-lit headphones ($299) that block external noise while giving true surround sound, or the disc-shaped Monster iPod dock ($250).
For Gals The space-age lady in your life may gravitate to the movie-inspired accessories Disney’s created—everything from rings to purses to shoes based on the look of Tron female lead Olivia Wilde. ($90-$2,600). From now through Dec. 23 at design boutique Royal/T in Culver City, CA, you can pick up limited-edition items like these and lots more, or check around online.

3. Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas (2010, paperback, $17) Sure, we all know It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story, both re-run ad infinitum on cable around the holidays. This comprehensive guide to Christmas movies will helpfully steer you and your moviegoing pals in other directions, be it horror (Christmas Evil, 1980), old black-and-white comedies (Remember the Night, 1940), or weird (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, 1964), all with accompanying fun facts. There’s also a chapter chronicling all the versions of the Scrooge story, should you want to re-re-revisit that tale.

4. Movie Box Sets
Alien Quadrilogy (BD) The four-movie series debuted together with tons of extras in high-def this year—you can get the standard box set ($70), or the “egg package” ($119)—movies come in a collectible plastic alien egg.
The Elia Kazan Collection ($150, DVD) Classic movie buffs will enjoy this 18-disc set that debuts some of the director’s films on DVD (A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Viva Zapata America, America) along with a special presentation by Martin Scorsese.
Shrek: The Whole Story ($40, DVD/BD) All four Shrek films debut for the first time together in this box set, which includes 7 hours of new and old features plus the brand-new holiday program, Donkey’s Christmas Shrektacular.
Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary ($50, BD) Take your movie buff back in time to the ‘80s with Michael J. Fox’s fantastic classic trilogy, out in high-def this year.

5. TV Show Box Sets:
Nip/Tuck: The Complete Series ($150, DVD) Those of you who like your entertainment R-rated shouldn’t pass up this gift set, featuring all six seasons chronicling the lives and loves of two plastic surgeons , wrapped up in slick metallic packaging fitting the subject matter. Watch all 100 over-the-top episodes, plus 11 extra hours of bonus features about plastic surgery, sex, Hollywood, and everything that comes with them.
24 The Complete Series ($250, DVD) Time’s run out on Kiefer Sutherland’s popular Fox show, but you can own all 8 seasons. It may take you 24 days to get through all the extras, which include deleted scenes, a comprehensive retrospective and alternate ending for the season finale.
The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series ($150, DVD) Almost 20 years after Garry Shandling’s dark, wisecracking series made cable TV history, the show finally debuts all 89 episodes plus bonus content in a 17-DVD box set that comes with commemorative 60-page book.
Peanuts Holiday Collection ($45, DVD/BD) Three of TV-dom’s all-time holiday favorites (It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A Charlie Brown Christmas) are here, along with a set of keepsake collectibles including three holiday-themed window clings and a Lucite lenticular Snowglobe.
Tonight - 4 Decades of The Tonight Show ($100, DVD) Heeere’s Johnny! From 1965 to 1990, 50 half-hour cutdown episodes and bonus features with rescued footage, plus a collectible photo book.

6. Panasonic 3DTV/Avatar 3D bundle (Prices vary, check online) Hey, big spender! If you have James Cameron-level money to spend on your favorite person (maybe in this case that’s you), purchase a Panasonic 3-D HDTV and you’ll be the first on your block to see Avatar in 3-D at home—right now this is the only way you can view it at home the way Cameron intended thanks to Panasonic’s exclusive deal. (‘Course, you’ll have to get the player and glasses too, but hey, it’s Christmas after all!)

7. Expendables jewelry ($100-$3,000) Fancy yourself one of Stallone’s bad-ass crew? Check out Good Art’s website for the ring and bracelet Sly wore in the film, plus other fierce jewelry and accessories that will make you toss the latte out the window and get your MAN on.

8. All things Twilight ($10 and up)The Twilight Saga: Eclipse debuts on DVD/BD Dec. 4. If just the movie isn’t enough for the Twihard you know, pick up all sorts of Twi-merch online, from T-shirts, tote bags, clocks, notecards, Christmas ornaments…even the cat can have her own Bella water bowl. Make sure at least to pick up a 2011 Twilight wall calendar, so your Twihard can mark down important dates, like when Breaking Dawn will open in theaters.

Got movie-related gift suggestions of your own? Let us know below.

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