Watch: Eddie Murphy Returns to Music for a Reggae Song with Snoop Lion

Watch: Eddie Murphy Returns to Music for a Reggae Song with Snoop Lion

Jul 02, 2013

It's a holiday week for many of us, which means it's time to celebrate things like... Eddie Murphy's return to music! At some point (and for some reason) Eddie Murphy decided to team up with Snoop Lion (previously Dogg) on a message-y reggae song called "Redlight" that's soft and smooth (and actually pretty good), despite the underlying anger in it. "Redlight, stop right there where you are. Emancipation [gone], race relations [gone], all our rebels are gone,” Murphy sings, perhaps alluding to New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk practices.

The video itself, recorded in Murphy's home (see if you spot the gold record for "Party All the Time" hanging in the background), may or may not be paying homage to the 1985 video for Murphy's previous hit. Like the Rick James-produced "Party All the Time," the video for "Redlight" also pulls back the curtain to show Murphy recording the song with friends and fellow collaborators jamming in the background.

Dare we say this is the best thing Eddie Murphy's produced in a long time?


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