Ed Norton, Sean Penn and Other Big Names Eye 'Robocop' Reboot Roles

Ed Norton, Sean Penn and Other Big Names Eye 'Robocop' Reboot Roles

Apr 13, 2012

RobocopIf you weren’t already excited about Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot (and if you weren’t, you should be…) maybe these new casting rumors will do the trick.

We’ve known for quite some time that Joel Kinnaman is set to play the title character – a cop gunned down in the line of duty who’s resurrected as an unstoppable cyborg with a penchant for dispensing justice. What we didn’t know is who might play the film’s supporting roles.

We’ve got some new insights into that topic today. Padilha and his team are going after some big names to round out the cast – names that may surprise you.

Screenrant (via The Tracking Board) is reporting that Edward Norton is currently circling the project, apparently with an eye on playing the role of Norton – the man responsible for turning Kinnaman’s Murphy into Robocop after his brutal slaying. We like Norton – and would love to see him involved in the film.

Norton could be joined by Rebecca Hall, who is in the running to play Murphy’s wife, and Gael Garcia Bernal – who’s being considered for the role of Murphy’s partner.

As intriguing as all of that is, perhaps the most interesting casting rumor involves Sean Penn. Sources say the production has set its sights on the actor for a role wherein he would play a “right-wing news reporter who sticks to his guns when it comes to his political views.” If you follow Penn’s offscreen life, you realize that this is a complete 180-degree turn from his real world persona. Seeing him play against type could be pretty wild.

Of course, none of these deals are finalized – and if we’ve learned anything from years of writing about movies, it’s that actors get linked to films all the time, and often end up not taking the part. If nothing else, this should at least help allay fan fears that a Robocop reboot was conceived as just another soulless attempt to cash in on an old property. Padilha has a genuine passion for this material, and seeing actors of this caliber expressing interest in being involved is certainly a good sign. 

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