The Ed Koch You Didn't Know: Movie Critic

The Ed Koch You Didn't Know: Movie Critic

Feb 01, 2013



Ed Koch, New York City's 105th mayor, has died at 88. The three-term politician passed away from congestive heart failure. His health had been declining in recent years. Coincidentally, the Zeitgeist Films documentary about Koch's life and career opens in theaters today. We've shared a trailer for the film below, in which the former mayor's trademark phrase "How'm I Doing?" can be heard.

Many people don't know that Koch was an avid movie lover, and even hosted his own weekly review series since 2009 called Mayor at the Movies. Yes, Koch was the movie-loving grandpa you never had. Rumor has it he preferred to attend screenings with his fellow New Yorkers instead of watching them during private showings. Given how personable he was, we can believe it.

Below, we've posted several film reviews from Koch's online show: Drive, Tree of Life and Bridesmaids. Koch definitely enjoyed Nicolas Winding Refn's neo-noir (love the New York accent on "noir") thriller starring Ryan Gosling. He compares the actor to a young Brad Pitt — his looks, anyway. The former mayor also compliments Hossein Amini's screenplay.

Tree of Life didn't fare so well with Koch, and his review is odd and amusing. Apparently Sean Penn and Brad Pitt were the only actors he recognized in the Terrence Malick film. "What's the movie about? Got me," he deadpans to the camera. While Koch liked the music and photography in the movie, he felt the "cosmos" are better understood at the planetarium. Wait for the awkward moment Koch starts shouting about being naked.

His Bridesmaids review tricked us. After calling it raunchy and "too gross," we were convinced he was going to give this one a "minus." He even admitted he was probably being sexist since he never had an issue with "frat-boy movies" and their "potty humor," but felt watching a woman defecate in a sink was just "a little much." In the end, Koch gives Bridesmaids his seal of approval, complimenting the performance of Kristen Wiig. Highlights of the review include hilarious stink faces and a French pronunciation of Roger Ebert's surname.

You can watch more Mayor at the Movies reviews when you're done with these. Enjoy!


Tree of Life


Koch, now playing in select theaters in New York City.

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