Ed Helms to Play the New Father in National Lampoon's 'Vacation' Reboot

Ed Helms to Play the New Father in National Lampoon's 'Vacation' Reboot

Jul 11, 2012

We normally don't feel bad for remakes. They invite all hardships and bar raising pressures on themselves by trying to piggyback off movies we already love. We do, however, feel kind of bad for the person who has to live up to Chevy Chase's inimitable shoes in a new National Lampoon's Vacation. After all Clark Griswold is without question one of the all time greatest father/husbands cinema has ever known. They're impossible shoes to fill and anyone who tries will fail.

Fortunately New Line Cinema realizes this and that's why they've decided to go the reboot direction with Vacation instead of a straight remake. So instead of having to find a new Clark Griswold they've gone the much easier route of finding a new, and now older, Rusty Griswold. This of course will annoy fans less and it leaves the door open for Chase to actually appear in the film as Clark Griswold once again.

And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the production has found their Rusty in funnyman Ed Helms, he of TV's The Office and the Hangover franchise. Not all of the paperwork is signed at this stage, but directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein want him for the project and so negotiations are already underway. If everything goes as planned, the reboot will begin filming next Spring once Helms is done with the next season of The Office.

So what do you think? Can Rusty live up to his father's bumbling legacy if Ed Helms takes the gig?

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