Eclipse Reshoots, Tron Game Trailer and Hotel Hollywood

Eclipse Reshoots, Tron Game Trailer and Hotel Hollywood

Apr 15, 2010

  •  Hot Commodity Hollywood is coming to Wall Street in a big way despite studio objections. If the plan is approved (likely), investors will be able to bid on projected box office figures on the NYSE and Iron Man 2 may be the first movie publicly traded. Maybe this will finally be the impetus to stop making Jennifer Aniston movies.
  •  Ohhh, S***! OK, so word of how twisted the torture porn The Human Centipede is and its trailer have been around for awhile, but Bloody-Disgusting has posted a new 2-minute clip from this demented piece of work, which debuts OnDemand April 28 and then rolls out gradually nationwide. I promise, you'll never be the same again.
  •  The Sky Is Falling! Twilighters were falling all over themselves at the news that Eclipse is undergoing—gasp!—reshoots, possibly by Catherine Hardwicke. The studio quickly dispelled rumors of any problems, saying David Slade is directing the already-scheduled reshoots that don’t involve the meadow moments with Bella and Edward or the battle scenes.
  •  Tank You More from the rather brilliant Tron Legacy viral marketing team: the trailer for the actual online, playable Space Paranoids game, which supposedly looks and feels like the classic game from Tron.
  •  Hotel Hollywood? The odds of this happening are about as unlikely as Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety, but a Danish architect wants to turn the beleagured Hollywood sign into a hotel and event center to host such ceremonies as the Oscars. Just when you thought L.A. couldn’t get any tackier.
  •  Unsuited Slashfilm got the scoop that the Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) will wear no clothes. That is, his suit will be…completely computer generated! So, fake suit on a real person? Seems more than a little weird, but until they release some photos, I’ll reserve judgment.

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