'Eastern Promises' Sequel Entering Negotiations for Lead Players, Minus David Cronenberg

'Eastern Promises' Sequel Entering Negotiations for Lead Players, Minus David Cronenberg

Jun 08, 2012


Vulture got the scoop about negotiations surrounding an Eastern Promises sequel, starring Vincent Cassel as an unhinged — and often incompetent — Russian mobster and Viggo Mortensen as his henchman driver. Part two would be directed by Dirty Pretty Things filmmaker Steven Knight, picking up where the 2007 crime-thriller left off. There was a massive plot twist — which we won't reveal here, because if you haven't seen the film you really should — and Naomi Watts' midwife played an integral role in the movie. She discovers a 14-year-old girl's diary that reveals the teenager died giving childbirth. 
Vulture reports that Mortensen will first be busy with Hossein Amini’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Two Faces in January this fall, but will then turn his attention to the Eastern Promises sequel at the start of next year.
Can the follow-up be as exciting without the provocative David Cronenberg at the helm? The original film's fight scene alone was directed so skillfully and incredibly, it's a tough act to follow. Robert Ebert even compared it to the stardard-setting car chases in The French Connection. Without Mortensen and Cassel we're not sure Knight will have much of a movie, as their chemistry and potent grittiness was so damn perfect. Hopefully their negotiations go swimmingly. More news as we get it. Let us know your thoughts on the potential second installment below.

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