Watch the Earliest Color Film Footage in Two New Clips

Watch the Earliest Color Film Footage in Two New Clips

Sep 13, 2012

Earliest color film footage

Every once in awhile someone uncovers an amazing piece of cinematic history moldering away in a vault or museum somewhere, and it always makes me wonder what other forgotten treasures are languishing out there, waiting for someone to find them.

The latest example is a discovery of the world’s first moving color pictures – crafted way back in 1902. The National Media Museum recently unearthed the footage in Bradford, where it’s been tucked away in an old tin for the past 110 years. Experts state this is a huge discovery in terms of cinema history.

The earliest color footage on record prior to this was dated around 1909, and used an inferior Kinemacolor process. This newly discovered footage was shot by Edward Raymond Turner, who patented his own process in 1899 according to BBC News. Turner eventually died of a heart attack and that seemed to spell the end of his work. 

The found footage has now been restored and is being shown to the public – and you can see two examples below. While the images look fuzzy and are somewhat dull by today’s high-definition standards, remember that this was made in 1902. Check out both clips below and let us know what you think.

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