Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Share Their Most Embarrassing High School Stories

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Share Their Most Embarrassing High School Stories

Jun 15, 2016

The action-comedy Central Intelligence opens up with its two stars, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, back in high school. Some pretty rad special effects deliver younger versions of the duo – with Hart’s character Calvin rescuing Johnson’s character Bob from an awful prank that leaves the overweight gentle giant stark naked in the middle of a gymnasium full of students. It’s a traumatizing event, and one that later reunites the duo, now much different from their younger selves, for a wild adventure that has them on the run from ruthless villains and top-secret government agents, who may or may not be one in the same.

We recently sat down with Johnson and Hart to discuss the film, and asked the two for their own embarrassing high school stories. What we learned was that, yes, even two of the world’s biggest movie stars had a rough go at high school.

“I was arrested when I was a freshman,” Johnson said. “They came in and got me out of my class!”

“My mom popped me once,” Hart said. “In the middle of school, she came in with some kind of weapon – I don’t even know what it was!”

The cops ripping you out of class is embarrassing, sure, but having your raging mom drag you out of class is a whole different story.

So what is the story there, exactly?

“I set all the clocks in my house ahead,” Hart explained. “I wanted to get to basketball tryouts and they were real early in the morning. My mom didn’t want me catching public transportation to the school that early because I had to leave the house at four-thirty in the morning to get to the tryouts at six and she was not letting me go. So I took every clock and watch and VCR in the house and set the clocks ahead, so that when it was four-thirty in the morning, it read six. Then my mom was up getting ready for work, thinking she was on time and wound up getting to work like three hours early…”

“That’s pretty messed up dude,” Johnson said, laughing.

Hart continued, “Oh, it wasn’t good. She took off from work, came up to school and I remember being in class, looking up and just seeing her head outside the door. I was like... And that’s my f**king mom right there. I got up and I didn’t even get out of the classroom before it was all... Pop! Bam! She was hot. Even on the bus ride home, out of nowhere she’d just pop me. That was probably the most embarrassing – I got tons of those, though. I did a bunch of stupid s**t in high school.”

For more from Johnson and Hart on Central Intelligence's memorable opening sequence, check this out. We'll have more with the boys later this week.

Central Intelligence hits theaters on June 17. 


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