Dwayne Johnson Blacked Out Eight Times While Shooting This Intense 'Hercules' Scene

Dwayne Johnson Blacked Out Eight Times While Shooting This Intense 'Hercules' Scene

Jul 18, 2014

Never let it be said that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not a performer devoted to his craft. The actor sustained countless injuries while playing his role as the People’s Champion in the WWE, and now he’s brought his tendency for going above and beyond to the land of Hollywood.

As Johnson continues to promote the upcoming sword-and-sandals epic Hercules, the actor has revealed just how far he’s willing to go to make a scene play as real. Somehow, we doubt his doctor was thrilled after hearing this tale.

Johnson took to his Instagram account last night to reveal a behind-the-scenes video of one of the film’s most pivotal sequences. Here he finds himself chained to the floor and struggling against his bonds. The actor insisted real chains be used, and then proceeded to use his massive physique to struggle against them – exerting so much effort that he caused himself to black out eight different times. That’s some pretty crazy dedication to your craft.

Here are his own words on the topic:

“I asked the prop department to lock me in with real steel chains that I couldn't break, so the performance would be real. When HERCULES finally accepts his fate of being the son of Zeus, it's THE epic moment of the mythology - and our movie. We shot this scene 8 times - I blacked out every time. Down to my knees. Well worth the fun pain.. this moment is iconic. Im excited for you to see it... #HercDontLikeBlackingOut #HappilyDoItAgain #HERCULESMovie”

The good news is we’ll all be able to see Johnson run wild as the strongest man in the world starting next Friday. In the meantime, enjoy this promo clip for the film. 




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