Fade to Black: Universal Phases Out Select DVDs with BD/DVD Combo Packs

Nov 20, 2009 Comments (0)

Universal isn’t the first studio to think of packaging Blu-rays with a DVD copy of the film. Disney has done it successfully for some time with most of its major releases and it’s a great idea to ease people into high definition—you have a Blu-ray copy for the living room and a DVD for all the other players and computers in the house. Universal is trying BD/DVD combo packs (it tried combos in the past with the now-defunct HD DVD) starting on January 5 but with a twist—the standalone DVDs of these movies will no longer be manufactured after the two-packs hit shelves. The first round of combo titles includes 8 Mile, Dawn of the Dead, Doom, End of Days, Jarhead, Street Fighter: Extreme Edition, The Last Starfighter and The Rundown. This means if you are a stickler for standard definition, you’d better start getting used to Blu-rays being bundled with your movies.

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