Drive Angry Trailer Debuts, Alien Prequel (Bad) News, Sandler's a Drag in More Ways Than One, The Thing Early Footage Leaked, More

Drive Angry Trailer Debuts, Alien Prequel (Bad) News, Sandler's a Drag in More Ways Than One, The Thing Early Footage Leaked, More

Oct 11, 2010

  •  Road Rage Yahoo debuted the new and seriously great trailer for Drive Angry, starring Nic Cage as a former criminal who drives like a bat out of hell (well, 'cause he's from hell) to save his baby granddaughter from being used by cultists to unleash evil on the planet while Satan gives hot pursuit. And what’s more awesome than that?
    •  Just Say Never…No, Really Justin Bieber’s biopic has a new poster, which I know you’ve all been waiting for. It somehow reminds me of this other movie….
    •  Alien Redirection Loved when Natalie Portman went bald a few years ago, and did that hilariously vulgar SNL rap -- but love her as the lead in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel over the dragon-tattooed girl Noomi Rapace? As dubious as that news may be, much worse is to hear that the script will likely get a PG-13. FAIL.
    •  A Real Drag No, that’s not Dustin Hoffman reprising Tootsie. Nor is it Jane Kaczmarek. Yes, that is Adam Sandler about to torture us attempt to get us to laugh by playing Jack and Jill in the "comedy" called, you guessed it, Jack and Jill. (If you can stand it, here’s even more.) At least if this doesn’t work out he can always play a mom on a Fox show.
    •  Whoops John Carpenter reportedly suffered a seizure (or some sort of fainting spell) while signing autographs at something called the Spooky Empire show in Florida last weekend. Probably happened when someone showed him this leaked trailer of The Thing remake.
    •  Oh, Snap! Looks like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are ready to be professionally good looking again in Zoolander 2. Screenwriter Justin Theroux told reporters at New York Comic Con that the sequel, whose script is well under way, would (fingers crossed) bring back Will Ferrell as Mugutu and star Jonah Hill as a new villain and will “blow your mind.”
    •  If You Asked "Who?" You're Not Alone Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, whose name you might recognize more for his history of inappropriate comments about date rape and pedophilia than his movie career (er—Notting Hill) has been tapped to play an as-yet-unnamed villain in the Spider-Man reboot. Who do you think he should play?

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