Drew Struzan Comes out of Retirement to Create a Stunning Mondo Poster-- But That's Not All!

Drew Struzan Comes out of Retirement to Create a Stunning Mondo Poster-- But That's Not All!

Jul 11, 2011


Today is a HUGE day for Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse's own purveyor of collectible movie art.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to begin archiving all of Mondo's movie posters.  Yep, the same folks who put on the Oscars every year have taken notice of Mondo's stable of brilliant poster artists and has seen fit to make sure that their original posters be forever stored in the climate-controlled vaults at the AMPAS' Margaret Herrick Library, which currently preserves some 38,000 movie posters.

And while that is truly impressive news for the little poster shop that could, it's honestly not even the coolest thing to come out of today's announcement.  That would have to be a new poster created by legendary artist Drew Struzan for Mondo.  Yes, Drew Struzan has come out of retirement to create yet another gorgeous work of art*.  Feast your eyes on Struzan's take on James Whale's Frankenstein:

Drew Struzan Frankenstein

Glorious, no? (See it embiggened right here.)

Okay, now we know what you're wondering: When do I have to take off work so I can constantly refresh the Mondo website in order to buy that beautiful bad boy?  Well, unfortunately Mondo hasn't announced the date yet.  But, rest assured that we've been told it's in the not too distant future and that we'll all be given plenty of heads up before it goes up for sale.

Until then you can get your Mondo fix by browsing their brand new website: MondoArchive.com.  Yep, it's exactly what you think it is (and have secretly always wanted): a complete collection of all of the posters Mondo has created and sold over the past decade.  And yes, it will make you wish for a time machine that'll let you defy the space-time continuum and buy all of the amazing posters you've missed out on over the years.  Failing having access to wormhole technology, however, you could always break into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and acquire the ones that got away.**

*Note: This isn't the only poster Drew Struzan has created this summer.  If you're going to Comic-Con, stop by the Titan Books Booth (#5537) to not only get an advanced (and signed) copy of his new book, Drew Struzan - Ouevre, but you can also see the unveiling of his poster for Cowboys & Aliens.  Yep, Struzan made a Cowboys & Aliens poster at the special request of the film's producers.  Yep, your bank account hates you.

**Double Note: Please don't actually break into the AMPAS vaults.

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