'Dredd' Exclusive TV Spot: Watch Karl Urban Be a Total Badass

'Dredd' Exclusive TV Spot: Watch Karl Urban Be a Total Badass

Aug 22, 2012

If you've been waiting all summer for a bloody, balls-to-the-wall comic adaptation that never came, then hang out a few more weeks because Dredd is coming. Oh yes, it's coming at us pretty hard. The ruthless, take-no-prisoners enforcer known as Dredd (Karl Urban) is finally returning to theaters in a new adaptation that looks to spice things up a bit by adding a whole lot of action, violence and then more action and violence. The film screened back at Comic-Con to a rowdy group who devoured the thing, and the rest of us will finally get to see Dredd go all judge, jury and executioner on our asses (in 3D, no less) this September 21.

Check out our exclusive 60-second TV spot for the film below, and get ready because this movie will definitely bite back. 

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