Watch: 'Dredd 3D' Helps Capture These Amazing Fantastic Fest Moments in Super Slo-mo

Watch: 'Dredd 3D' Helps Capture These Amazing Fantastic Fest Moments in Super Slo-mo

Sep 21, 2012

So Dredd 3D arrives in theaters this weekend, and with it comes yet another attempt at the slo-mo action scene. Ever since The Matrix sort of reinvented the way slo-mo was used in action movies, we've seen countless films have a go at it -- with some being more successful than others -- in an attempt to add more flash and style to the final product. Dredd takes it one step further by using the specialized Phantom camera to dramatically slow down the action in a scene, and then on top of that they actually work the slo-mo into the plot of the film so that the scenes where they use it make sense storywise, as well as entertain like gangbusters.

Here's a featurette Lionsgate released which shows you examples of how the Phantom camera was used in Dredd. In the film, "Slo-Mo" is literally an illegal drug that's spreading through the city like a weed. As screenwriter Alex Garland says in the video, "The idea is that if you lived in this tough place, slo-mo would give you moments of beauty and peace and tranquility."

Naturally the maniacs at Fantastic Fest wouldn't just let a film that played around with these advanced filmmaking techniques leave Texas without testing it all out on the movie nerds in attendance. During the Dredd premiere on opening night they set up an entire Phantom camera slo-mo exhibit outside the Alamo Drafthouse theater where the festival is held. They gave moviegoers some props and then let them go nuts with it. The results can be seen in some of our favorite videos from the evening below.

Tell me you don't want this at your next birthday party.

Here are our Screencrush friends Matt Singer (left), Jordan Hoffman (center) and Mike Sampson (right) producing my favorite video of the night.

Matt returns with our buddy (and MSN contributor) James Rocchi

Badass Digest editor Devin Faraci has a bloody good time beating the crap out of himself

Even Frankenstein played along

Finally, we call this one "Let's All Beat Up Ryan Fons". (And yes, that's our pal Ryan taking the abuse in the middle.)

Check out more videos over at the Fantastic Fest YouTube page, and stay tuned to for fantastic coverage of the 2012 Fantastic Fest festival.

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