Update: DreamWorks Animations' 'Turbo Fast' Will Premiere on Netflix This Christmas Eve

Update: DreamWorks Animations' 'Turbo Fast' Will Premiere on Netflix This Christmas Eve

Dec 03, 2013

Update 12/3/13: Netflix has just announced that Turbo Fast, the first show in its new deal with DreamWorks Animation, will hit the streaming service on December 24, 2013. However, unlike with its previous original series, not every episode of the show will be available at once. The first five episodes will hit on that date, with an undetermined number of other episodes to follow at some point in 2014.

Previously 6/17/13: Netflix' steady march toward becoming a competitive home for original content continues unabated. It has already backed House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and Orange Is the New Black, and for the most part its gambit has been a big success (except for Hemlock Grove--oof, what a stinker), but all of those shows are geared towards adults. What about the younger members of the subscribing family?

The streaming giant has just signed a new deal with DreamWorks Animation to have the studio provide over 300 hours of original programming exclusively to subscribers, a pretty impressive first-run commitment. What exactly will make up those 300 hours is unclear at this point, but we do know that it'll include a TV show continuation of the studio's unreleased snail-racing movie Turbo. The Croods, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek could follow suit, or the studio could take the opportunity to test out some new properties on the small screen before moving them over to the big times. Either way, it's good news for parents looking for quality programming for their kids to watch.

This deal makes Netflix a pretty big player when it comes to providing kid-friendly entertainment. It already has an exclusive streaming deal with Disney, which covers all Marvel and Pixar content as well, so this is just another ace up its sleeve. It also helps explain why Netflix opted to not renew its deal with Viacom, which in turn gave Amazon all of Nickelodeon's content. Who needs 10-year-old episodes of Dora the Explorer when you can get new, original shows from DreamWorks Animation?

Don't have Netflix? Don't worry, this isn't a permanent deal, it's just a first-run deal. That means this new content will be exclusive to Netflix for a certain window, after which point the studio can distribute it to other channels as well.




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