Drafthouse's Superb 'Bullhead' Survives the Oscar Best Foreign Language Film Short List, Where to See It This Weekend

Drafthouse's Superb 'Bullhead' Survives the Oscar Best Foreign Language Film Short List, Where to See It This Weekend

Jan 21, 2012

If you're like most casual Oscar watchers, Best Foreign Language Film is usually the category that facilitates your retreat to the kitchen to procure a sandwich. Just recently the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced the short list of potential nominees for this year's category, from here will be whittled down the final five. While every film on the short list is exceptional, there's one particular honoree to which we hope you'll pay special attention. First, here are all the films on the short list…

Belgium's Bullhead
Canada's Monsieur Lazhare
Denmark Superclasico
Germany's Pina
Iran's A Separation
Israel's Footnote
Morocco's Omar Killed Me
Poland's In Darkness
Taiwan's Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale

Michael Roskam's Bullhead is a dark, brooding examination of manhood set against the backdrop of Belgium's crime-infested beef trade. For Jacky, a cattle farmer, there is no such thing as being too big, too muscular, too strong. His workout regimen consists of both rigorous exercise and chemical enhancement. But when someone from Jacky's past, and a painful secret there contained, turns up in his life again, he is confronted with a tidal wave of emotions he is not equipped to handle.

Bullhead is an absolutely fascinating film; a violent tale of obsession and lost youth. When it played Fantastic Fest here in Austin back in September, audiences were categorically blown away. It elegantly walked a fine line between prestigious art film and all-out genre mayhem, which made it a perfect fit for the festival; held every year at the Alamo Drafthouse. What was even more impressive about Bullhead, and its warm reception at Fantastic Fest, is that this was director Michael Roskam's first feature film, having previously dabbled in shorts. For his efforts, Roskam was rewarded with Fantastic Fest's Next Wave Award; an honor reserved for first time feature filmmakers. Since September, Austin press, Alamo staff, and festival regulars alike have been doing all they can to spread the word about the powerhouse that is Bullhead.

In celebration of its being added to the short list for Best Foreign Language Film, the Alamo Drafthouse is bringing back Bullhead for two very special screenings, both at their South Lamar location, tonight and tomorrow night. The times for each screening, as well as links to the ticketing page, can be found below. If you live in the Austin area, we can’t recommend strongly enough that you take the time to see this brutal, thrilling, heartbreaking triumph.

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