What if 'Jurassic Park' Had Been Made by Dr. Seuss?

What if 'Jurassic Park' Had Been Made by Dr. Seuss?

Sep 26, 2013

Custom toy creator Sillof introduced his Jurassic Park and Dr. Seuss mash-up collection with a little story: "There was a family made of a Professor, a Botantist, a Lexi and Tim. They decided one night that they would take a trip on a whim. Agreed it was best to wait until morning when gone was the dark. And as the new day sun rose they set off for Seusstastic Park."

The familiar Seuss anapestic meter is a sell by itself, but fans of the author and 1993 Spielberg sci-fi favorite will be delighted to set eyes on Sillof's odd and colorful figures that pay homage to the film dinos and the most popular Seuss characters. There are Seuss stripes, Grinch-like features, Lorax staches, and other whimsical details on Sillof's ancient creatures — and he even photographed them in the great outdoors.

The only thing we're really missing is a Dennis Nedry figure. Is there a Seuss character annoying enough to do him justice? For more photos, head to Sillof's website. [Spotted via Topless Robot]




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