Find Out Which Campaign Just Became the Most Successful Crowd-Funded Kickstarter Project

Find Out Which Campaign Just Became the Most Successful Crowd-Funded Kickstarter Project

Mar 13, 2012

Double Fine Studios logoOnly a few more hours until the most successful Kickstarter event in history closes – have you donated or followed along over the course of the past month?

Game developer Double Fine – founded by industry icon Tim Schafer – set out in early February to raise $400,000 to fund a new point-and-click adventure game known simply as Double Fine Adventure. Eight hours later, they’d already blown past their goal. As word spread, the project built momentum like a runaway train – and now, with just hours left, the project has passed the $3 million mark, making it the most successful crowd-funded project in the history of Kickstarter.

Since the donations far exceed what Schafer (the creator behind games like Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Psychonauts) and his team needed, the bonus money is being used to make the game even better. With $3 million available, Double Fine Adventure will now feature multiple language tracks, an old-school “big box” version, and will be developed for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android – amongst other goodies.

While Double Fine’s success is unlikely to be replicated any time soon – Tim Schafer is a game industry heavyweight with a huge following of rabid fans who were ready to donate – it has sparked lots of interesting discussion about how more projects can be made without the interference of studios and publishers and other corporate bean-counters. There are numerous potential hurdles to overcome before crowd-funding ever becomes a standard practice for large-scale projects (I wrote about many of them in this article at, but there’s no denying that the success of Double Fine Adventure has shown fans and executives alike what can be accomplished through sites like Kickstarter.

Have you ever funded a project through one of these sites? Would you consider it if you haven’t? Let us know in the comment section. 

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