Dora the Explorer Sues Nickelodeon

Dora the Explorer Sues Nickelodeon

Oct 08, 2010

We've finally learned what Dora the Explorer has been carrying around in that backpack of hers, and it ain't a bundle of cash. Caitlin Sanchez, the 14-year-old girl behind the voice of Dora, is suing Nickelodeon, charging the network with withholding millions of dollars while ordering her to sign a confusing contract without a lawyer present.

The suit claims the defendants (MTV Networks and Viacom International) pressured Caitlin and her parents into signing a contract they didn't fully understand in only 22 minutes, and then threatened to terminate the whole thing if they failed to cooperate.

Interesting, so now when Swiper the fox sneaks up on Dora and steals her belongings, we know who he's supposed to be based on. Nickelodeon ... no swiping!

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