Watch Christopher Nolan's Early Short Film, 'Doodlebug'

Watch Christopher Nolan's Early Short Film, 'Doodlebug'

Aug 01, 2011

Think you've seen all of Christopher Nolan's films? Just because you've seen Following and the "reverse chronological" version of Memento? Think again. Unless you've actually seen Doodlebug (which was released on a 2003 compilation video), you're in for an early Nolan treat.

Produced in 1997, Doodlebug is a slick little Kafakaesque film abou man's inherent predatorial nature and the often unpleasant juxtaposition of id versus ego. Actually I have no idea what it's about. Like most great shorts, it's both amusing on the screen and thought-provoking beneath the surface. Enjoy.

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