Does India's Version of 'Jackass' Deserve Their Own Movie, Too?

Does India's Version of 'Jackass' Deserve Their Own Movie, Too?

Nov 28, 2011

Remember when Jackass was just a reality show on MTV that many dismissed as little more than a passing fad and a side effect of low cost consumer cameras getting into the hands of idiots willing to do anything to get on TV? But then that supposed fad turned into three theatrically-released feature films and hundreds of millions of dollars in box office gross? Well, the above video from an Indian reality show competition makes the Jackass crowd look like wussies. (Warning: The video is safe for work, but probably not safe for those with weak stomachs for bodily punishment.)

It's difficult to dig up any concrete info on the group (the video in question refers to them as Warriors of Goja, while the Wall Street Journal identifies them as Bir Khalsa Group), but regardless of their title, it's hard to not see them as the reality competition evolution of Jackass. So, naturally, the next question is, how long until these Punjabi warriors get their own movie? After all, Bollywood, the blanket term for the Indian film industry, is one of the largest film and television industries on the planet. Combine that with India's love for ridiculous stunts (consider the below clip from Singham Exhibit A), and surely someone must be plotting some way to bring these madmen to the big screen. We'd certainly watch.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the gang got for eating lightbulbs, running each other over with cars and motorcycles and swinging axes at each other's faces? It was all for the equivalent of $5,750 dollars.

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