Joaquin Phoenix Will Not Play Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' (Updated)

Joaquin Phoenix Will Not Play Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' (Updated)

Oct 02, 2014

UPDATE 10/2/14: According to Deadline, Marvel has stopped talking to Joaquin Phoenix about starring in Doctor Strange and is now pursuing other actors. There's no official reason given, just that Phoenix -- who next stars in Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice -- isn't the superhero-movie kinda guy. Others rumored to have been considered include Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch and potentially Ethan Hawke. The film, directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister), is reportedly due out in 2016.

Original story from 7/25/14 below...

Marvel's big presentation at Comic-Con isn't until Saturday (July 26 at 5:30 p.m. PST, to be specific), and people have been wondering for quite some time what exactly it'll be showing off at the event. The most pervasive rumor is that the folks at Marvel will be announcing who will play Doctor Strange for director Scott Derrickson, but Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Fiege has insisted in press all week long that their presentation is going to be dictated by what kind of paperwork is signed by then.

Well, according to the Wrap, which broke the news, the person Marvel is trying to lock down as the sorcerer supreme is none other than Joaquin Phoenix. The website stresses that no deal has been signed, but that he is most definitely the front-runner and has leaped passed rumored contenders like Benedict Cumberbatch. THR went one step further to say that Phoenix and his people are in active negotiations at this point, which could mean Marvel is trying to get the ink to dry on this deal in time for its Comic-Con presentation.

But, hey, we'll know for sure in 24 hours whether it's true or not. Well, hopefully we'll know. If Doctor Strange isn't announced tomorrow, it means Kevin Fiege wasn't lying: the paperwork on a movie of this scale can take a very long time. There are ton of sequel and crossover issues at play and it's not nearly as simple as an actor saying, "Sure, I'll make this movie." But now that we've got a pretty solid name on who could be Doctor Strange, are you happy with the choice?





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