District Awesome, er, 9, & Meet Jacob Black and his abs

District Awesome, er, 9, & Meet Jacob Black and his abs

Aug 19, 2009

Erik Davis fills in for Stacie Hougland with this week's Buzz Bin...

  • District 9


    Mmm … Prawns After months of marketing and more marketing … and then even more marketing, newbie Neill Blomkamp's alien movie with a message finally crash landed into theaters and took home a very respectable $37 million at the box office. Critics and moviegoers are already whispering Oscar, though some are condemning its pro-liberal stance. Can't we all just get along?
  • Taylor Lautner


    Lautner-licious Summit Entertainment finally released another piece of vampire awesomeness in the form of a second preview for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Titled Meet Jacob Black, this new trailer comes to us from somewhere in between a trailer and a featurette -- and it stars Taylor Lautner talking about New Moon and telling us what to expect while flashes of the movie pop out, dazzling us with its action, suspense and multiple sets of six-pack abs.
  • Avatar


    Web 2.D'oh On Monday afternoon 20th Century Fox gave fans the chance to win a pair of free tickets to an IMAX screening of a 16-minute trailer for James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar. Little did they know at the time (smart = not Fox), but the onslaught of fans hungry for even the smallest taste of the movie would crash the site, leaving most with nothing but a friendly error message and dreams of sugar-coated marketing ploys dancing through their heads. The problem was later resolved, though tickets in big cities like New York and Los Angeles were gone in a matter of seconds.
  • Steven Spielberg


    Spielberg's New Freedom After spending months trying to land on its feet, secure funding and find a new Sugar Daddy, Steven Spielberg and partner Stacey Snider look to be back in the business of making moderately successful movies with DreamWorks now operating as an independent studio thanks, in part, to funding from India's Reliance Big Entertainment, JPMorgan and The Walt Disney Co., the latter of which will help release and market all of DreamWorks' upcoming movies. Meanwhile, DreamWorks' old flame Paramount is said to be, like, so over it by now … whateva!
  • Johnny Depp


    So Who's Got Blue Eyes? As Martin Scorsese's upcoming Frank Sinatra biopic heats up, the New York Post reports that Sinatra's daughter Tina is worried that Scorsese will play up the violent, sexy, mob-related side of Frankie Blue Eyes instead of the softer, gentler Frank who created great music. Meanwhile, three names are beginning to circle the project: Leonardo DiCaprio (who Tina Sinatra wants), Johnny Depp (who the studio wants) and George Clooney (who every woman over 40 wants). We say Marty goes all Terry Gilliam on us and casts all three in the same role!

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