Disney/Marvel Update: 'Avengers' in 3D; Walt Disney Animation Announces New Project Titled 'Frozen', and More

Disney/Marvel Update: 'Avengers' in 3D; Walt Disney Animation Announces New Project Titled 'Frozen', and More

Dec 22, 2011

Poster for The AvengersAs we ease into the holiday weekend, not everyone in Hollywood has left town early. There’s still news out there – and we’ve got some intriguing comic book movie updates to wrap up your Thursday.

First up, Disney has finally confirmed that Joss Whedon’s The Avengers will be post-converted to 3D. This news isn’t particularly surprising to anyone who’s been following the film’s development or recent trends in Hollywood, but after the uproar over JJ Abrams’ announcement this week that Star Trek 2 would probably be post-converted, it’s interesting that The Avengers news hasn’t generated quite as much outrage…yet, anyway. We’re not big fans of post-conversion 3D (if you want to make a movie in 3D, shoot it in 3D), but with a proper amount of time and dedication, it doesn’t have to be an automatic disaster. Hopefully, Marvel and Disney will take their time and get it right with The Avengers, which is already shaping up to be a big deal for the companies and comic films in general.

The more interesting Marvel news revolves around Disney’s decision to change the release date of one of its upcoming 2014 releases, moving the unnamed project from a June 27th opening date to April 4th. That’s a big deal for a number of reasons – first off, June 27th is in the heart of summer movie season, and titles released in that window are prestigious films expected to do big business. Early April releases? Not so much. Could this be a sign that Marvel and Disney are already losing faith in a project they haven’t even officially named? Perhaps – but it’s arguably too soon to tell.

The other intriguing element about the date shift is how it affects Marvel’s other 2014 summer release, which is also unnamed and scheduled for a May 16th debut. That means Marvel will have two new films in theaters in the span of six weeks, which could have one film cannibalizing the other’s potential profits.

Speculation is running rampant as to what each film might be. Marvel hasn’t announced what projects will fill these slots, but early buzz indicates that many expect one of the films to be the Captain America sequel. The other could possibly be Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, the long-rumored Dr. Strange adaptation, or Runaways – or it could be something else entirely.

If Captain America is one of the films, it seems a given that it will take the more lucrative May release slot. An April release seems more fitting for one of the other titles, which doesn’t have the built in audience of Captain America. Are Marvel and Disney developing a case of cold feet when it comes to bringing some of their lesser known characters to the big screen and lowering their expectations accordingly? We can’t say for sure – but we’ll have more guesses when we finally learn what films will fill those slots way ahead in 2014.

In other news, Walt Disney Animation has unveiled that they're working on a new project named Frozen. While various sources assumed this was the title for their upcoming dinosaur film, such is not the case according to Coming Soon. We can also confirm that this is not a hilarious animated remake of the Adam Green film with the same name, although we'd pay to see that.

Instead, this Frozen is an adaptation of The Snow Queen -- a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale from 1845. The long in-development project (which has been in the works for over a decade) is apparently on again. It was originally slated to be Disney's hand-drawn follow-up to The Princess and the Frog, but that fell through. No definitive word yet on whether it will still be hand drawn, but Bleeding Cool believes it will be. 

What we do know is that Frozen is back in production and scheduled for release on November 27th, 2013. We'll keep you posted as more details emerge. 

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