Disney Wants 'Muppets' Sequel for Next Summer (Plus More Details on the Next Muppet Movie)

Disney Wants 'Muppets' Sequel for Next Summer (Plus More Details on the Next Muppet Movie)

Apr 16, 2012

Director James Bobin, co-writer/star Jason Segel, and co-writer Nicholas Stoller created a Muppet-tastic classic for a new generation with last year's revitalized hit that fans from way back could enjoy as well. Now Collider is reporting that the team — minus Segal, whose departure from the franchise was amicable — will be reuniting for the sequel.

The website got the skinny on the upcoming script — which turns out to be only 13 pages long so far, after the team busily outlined the new installment over the past few weeks. Disney wants part two ready for release next summer, though we agree with Collider who feels that next fall seems like a more likely target date. Stoller chimed in on the matter, stating, " I don’t know if that’s … I don’t think that that’s realistic in terms of getting it all together in time. But to want to do it so quickly is great. It certainly makes us want to write it quickly." The new movie is being described as a comedy caper that may feature Segal in a cameo role (we hope!). Stoller also shared this tidbit: "We are introducing new characters. That’s really fun to do."

Read the full interview on Collider and cross your fingers that these guys can get it all right and not let the pressure of the Mickey Mouse house rush them into anything. Here's a trailer for The Great Muppet Caper, which came out in 1981 and featured the puppet pals heading to the UK as newspaper reporters. While there, Miss Piggy is framed for a jewel heist, but Kermit falls in love regardless. In case you were wondering if there would be a nod to the movie in the 2013 redux, Stoller did mention the movie during his interview. "We love The Great Muppet Caper and we love Muppets Take Manhattan and whatnot. So this has some elements of that, but it’s different because it’s in the tone of what James and I like to do." Refresh yourself with the trailer below to get into a caper kind of mood.

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