Whoa, Disney Completely Reinvents Snow White's Seven Dwarfs for Their New TV Show

Whoa, Disney Completely Reinvents Snow White's Seven Dwarfs for Their New TV Show

Jun 19, 2012

We've seen different versions of the Seven Dwarfs in the two Snow White-related live-action films this year, but now it's Disney's turn to revisit the property they first animated way back in 1937. This new version of the Seven Dwarfs will be featured in an upcoming Disney Junior series called The 7D, which will debut at some point in 2014. According to Jim Hill [via Bleeding Cool] it'll be sort of a prequel to Disney's animated Snow White movie and focus solely on those seven dwarfs before they came in contact with the girl who needed protecting from an evil queen. 

Check out the new dwarfs and the old ones below ...


Says Hill, "The 7D live in the whimsical world of Jollywood. Where Queen Delightful is constantly turning to the Seven Dwarfs for help whenever she has trouble keeping her kingdom in order."

Before you scream at Disney for ruining your childhood or whatever, keep in mind this series is intended for kids between the ages of 2 and 7, who won't be as familiar with the original animated movies and probably won't care either way. Also, there's some serious talent behind the scenes too, including Tom Ruegger (Animaniacs) and Alfred Gimeno (Tiny Toon Adventures). Check out more over at Jim Hill Media.

What do you think about their new look?

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