Disney Pulls the Plug on Its Massive Kung Fu Snow White Movie

Disney Pulls the Plug on Its Massive Kung Fu Snow White Movie

May 23, 2012

Disney may currently have one of the biggest films of all time still dominating the box office, but the studio has had a rocky last few years. Pricey franchise false starts like Tron: Legacy, Prince of Persia, and John Carter all bled money and the consequences of those high profile underperformers are still reverberating around the studio, the biggest rumbling being the resignation of studio head Rich Ross.

It now looks like the loss of Ross (who also greenlit The Avengers, though he was ousted before it went bonanza) isn’t where Disney’s newfound fiscal responsibility ends: The Hollywood Reporter recently broke news the studio has put Order of the Seven (AKA Snow and the Seven) on indefinite ice.

Saoirse Ronan (who kicked all kinds of ass in Hanna) was locked to star in the film, a revisionist retelling of Snow White set in Asia wherein the dwarves are a group of unlikely warriors who must protect Ronan’s Snow White after she escapes her horrible stepmother. Newcomer Michael Gracey was to direct the film, which has been in various stages of development at the studio for nearly a decade. Last week Iron Man screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby had even been hired to do a rewrite on the script. Now everyone's hard work has all been put on hold.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Order of the Seven is dead forever. Disney could certainly plug it back into the pipeline at any time, but unless producers behind the project can pull a Lone Ranger and retool the entire production and bring it in on a smaller budget, we fully expect to see the film linger in limbo.

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