Nerd Watch: Which Disney Princess Makes the Best Zombie?

Nerd Watch: Which Disney Princess Makes the Best Zombie?

Aug 09, 2012

For many, Disney princesses are the paragon of femininity, and while that could be considered a troubling enough statement on its own, artist Witit Karpkraikaew (aka Clocktowerman) has made the beautiful, animated screen starlets even more terrifying. Peeling flesh, exposed bones, gore and a gnawing hunger for glass slippers: yes, the darlings of Disney have been zombified.

We know you're probably a wee bit tired of hearing the "Z" word by now, but there's always something a tiny bit satisfying about seeing someone give the glorified heroines an undead makeover. Dig into Disney's flesh-munching royalty below, and then head to Clocktowerman's portfolio, where he's reimagined many of film's favorite characters. Hey, here's Captain America flashing his tighty-whities. [via Geek Tyrant]




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