Disney Makes Great Movies (and Monitors Their Employees Like Big Brother with "Electric Whip")

Disney Makes Great Movies (and Monitors Their Employees Like Big Brother with "Electric Whip")

Oct 20, 2011

If you have any concept of what Disney's customer service/sales techniques and ethics are like (there are several great books on the matter), then you know that the Mickey Mouse empire is on top of its game and ruling the kingdom with an obsessive eye for detail to ensure they make a lot of money everyone's happiness and comfort. Those warm fuzzies you get when watching a Disney movie are indeed swell, but according to a recent story from the L.A. Times that doesn't seem to ring true with Disneyland's Hotel laundry workers. Every day they race against what's known as an "electronic whip" in order to be the busiest bee in the basement.
The "whip" is a giant monitor that hangs on the wall and acts like a scoreboard. You can see your name — along with your other co-workers — and what your speed is compared to the others. Are you loading pillowcases and sheets fast enough into a machine? The all-seeing Disney Eye of Sauron knows. "I was nervous," said Barerra — a laundry worker of eight years in Anaheim who makes $11.94 an hour, "and felt that I was being controlled even more." What's worse is that these workers are concerned that they'll soon have to pay more for healthcare or be reduced to a part-timer with no insurance at all. It's true that these kinds of reductions have been happening all across the globe with many organizations, but most of us don't have a ticking clock staring us in the face and judging us as we fold sheets and shuffle linens like some kind of lost Saw sequel.
You can read the full story on the L.A. Times' site if you're interested in learning more.
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