Disney Merges the Worlds of 'The Incredibles,' 'Cars,' Jack Sparrow and More with Disney Infinity

Disney Merges the Worlds of 'The Incredibles,' 'Cars,' Jack Sparrow and More with Disney Infinity

Jan 17, 2013

Disney Infinity base and figures

Disney is set to merge its iconic characters, video games and collectible statues in its newly announced Disney Infinity platform.

Looking to carve itself a piece of Activision’s Skylanders pie, the House of Mouse has teamed up with game developer Avalanche Software to craft the new experience. If you’re not familiar with Skylanders, allow us to explain how it all works.

Disney Infinity is, at its core, a video game. However, rather than just coming as a disc that players put into their console or PC of choice, the package also comes with an external base and action figure-esque statues of their favorite characters (the starter version of Disney Infinity will feature Captain Jack Sparrow, Sully from Monsters Inc. and Mr. Incredible). Placing a statue in the external base causes that character to appear in the game for players to use. If you want more characters, you have to keep buying new statues. Ingenious from a moneymaking perspective.

Disney says this will finally allow gamers and fans to answer age-old questions like “Who would win a race between Lightning McQueen and Dash? Who’s stronger: Mr. Incredible or Mike Wazowski? Who would win a swordfight between Captain Jack Sparrow and Phineas Flynn?”

If you’ve got the loot to afford all the various figures, you can figure out the answers to these pressing issues when Disney Infinity hits retail in June. The game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Wii-U, and PC. In the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that Marvel and Star Wars figure into this whole package at some point.

[via Penny Arcade Report]

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