Disney Now Buying Hasbro in Attempt to Own All Your Childhood Favorites

Disney Now Buying Hasbro in Attempt to Own All Your Childhood Favorites

Nov 06, 2012

What's that you say? Your head hasn't stopped spinning since you heard about the Disney and Lucasfilm merger? Allow us to give it another whirl. MTV Geek is reporting that Disney is in talks with Hasbro to buy out the toy and board game company – founded in 1923 by two brothers in New Jersey — and a deal could be possible at any time.

The consolidation makes perfect sense, considering Hasbro currently holds license for the Star Wars brand. They also hold rights to Marvel — at least until 2017. Several years ago the Mouse House bought rights to the superhero property and may renew Hasbro's license or deny it when the hourglass runs out. At that time, Hasbro's biggest worry was that Disney would go to rival Mattel with Marvel, but that won't matter much should this union become official. 

Other major properties that would shift to Disney include G.I. Joe, Sesame Street, My Little Pony and Transformers. MTV weighed in on the Transformers and Joe movie franchises, which are currently overseen by Paramount, but reminds us that control over those properties could easily change, as it did with Marvel.

Other revamps to consider would be to various animated series, comic book works, and crossover scenarios, but that's a whole other web to untangle. Consider this news a rumor for now, but feel free to speculate to your heart's content in the comments section about the insanity of My Little Transformers and other Disney-Hasbro mash-ups.

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