'Fallen Princesses' Photo Series Shows the Dark Side of Disney

'Fallen Princesses' Photo Series Shows the Dark Side of Disney

Mar 01, 2012

Inspired by the dark side of traditional children's fairy tales, Vancouver photographer Dina Goldstein created a series of twisted takes on Disney princesses. The modern-day images capture the iconic animated figures while they cope with real issues that women in our society face today. While we agree that addiction, body image issues, and the other plights portrayed are serious matters, the images have a darkly comedic slant to them.

Fallen Princesses includes photos of a boozy Cinderella, a zaftig Little Red Riding Hood (who originally appeared in a Disney short and has apparently eaten too much gingerbread since then), the Little Mermaid behind glass at a Sea World-type exhibit, Belle undergoing plastic surgery, and Pocahontas as a cat hoarder — or perhaps just a crazy cat lady, depending upon your feline tolerance.

Check out five of our favorite images from the series below. [via Design Taxi]

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