Watch: Disney Is Cloning Human Faces to Make More Realistic Robots

Watch: Disney Is Cloning Human Faces to Make More Realistic Robots

Aug 16, 2012

Disney cloned face tech

This just in from the “sort of awesome, sort of creepy” department: Disney is cloning human faces in order to create more realistic robots. Can the day where a self-aware Skynet sends a realistic looking Yul Brynner robot from Westworld to lead the robot uprising be far behind?

Technology-based paranoia aside, this is actually pretty cool.

Disney’s Zurich-based research department developed a way to clone faces so that the animatronic characters at the park would appear more lifelike. To achieve that goal, they developed a process called “Physical Face Cloning” (imaginative, right?) that takes a 3D scan of a human face in various expressions.

The multiple expressions allow the computers to come up with a composite image of the face in an array of expressions – capturing every potential movement right down to the individual wrinkles.

Once this is done, they cast the face in silicone, injecting it into a mold that is allowed to cure for seven days. The end result is an eerily lifelike face that goes on an animatronic head. Check out the whole process behind cloning in the video below.

[via Design Taxi]

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