Disney's New Real-Life Animatronic Robot Reminds Us of 'The Terminator'

Disney's New Real-Life Animatronic Robot Reminds Us of 'The Terminator'

Nov 26, 2012

Disney Robot In the Terminator films, it’s Cyberdyne Systems which creates an artificial intelligence that becomes self-aware and eventually tries to wipe out humanity. In the real world, it turns out it might be Disney that opens the door for the rise of the machines.

Check out this cool (and sort of creepy) new video featuring a prototype humanoid robot that the House of Mouse is working on developing. The machine, which uses lots of nifty animatronics and a Microsoft Kinect game camera, is already capable of playing catch and “juggling” three balls with another human. It always starts out with something innocent, then next thing you know these things are ready to crush us under the metal heels of their boots.

While we’re impressed by the machine’s ability to not only catch and toss a ball (and his reactions when he fails), we’re also a wee bit nervous by this technology. Even if this guy doesn’t eventually realize he’s a machine and become hell-bent on wiping out mankind, it’s still pretty unsettling to think of a day when we might go to a Disney park and interact with eerily lifelike machines as opposed to actual people. They tried that stuff in Westworld (ah, Yul Brynner) and it didn’t turn out so well.

If you think we're just being paranoid about this whole Terminator thing, well, we're not alone -- check out this story about Cambridge University's plans to open a Center for the Study of Existential Risk. One of the risks they're looking into? Your odds of dying in a robot apocalypse.

Take a peek at this footage below – and start preparing to welcome your new robot overlords.

[via Neatorama]

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