Discuss: Who is DC's Gay Superhero?

Discuss: Who is DC's Gay Superhero?

May 22, 2012


After President Obama appeared on the cover of Newsweek wearing a rainbow-colored halo (which still looks more like a hula hoop I had when I was a kid) post endorsement of same-sex marriages, DC Comics got the gumption to transform one of the "major iconic" DC characters into a gay superhero, set to reveal his sexuality this June. Something tells us that the figure may not be Bat or Supes, but more along the lines of someone only iconic to comic book geeks. Either way, we're curious and glad they're doing it.
During a chat with our resident comic book genius John Gholson, he shared a few thoughts about past gay superheroes, citing Marvel's Young Avengers as some of the finer examples, devoid of almost all stereotypes and focused on a loving relationship. Gholson also clued us in to Gail Simone's Secret Six — a DC publication — as another example of a storyline featuring "alternative" sexuality. Scandal Savage and Knockout are the couple depicted in the supervillains-turned-mercenaries tale. They begin a same-sex, polyamorous relationship when a dancer named Liana enters the picture. It's a bit more complicated than that, but we don't want to spoil it for you. Simone wrote more about the union on her blog:
"Liana had grown into a character people really cared about, and yet, Scandal had clearly presented Knockout as her soul mate. To me, there was really only one way out that made any sense for the character of Scandal. And again, there’s this sort of odd idea that a ‘traditional’ marriage is the ideal, the only ‘natural’ kind of union that means anything, which is all just a big pile of horseshit, anyway. I don’t think Scandal cares what anyone thinks is ‘proper.’ She loves who she loves."
Hopefully Simone's experience with DC indicates a future with more LGBTQ content in mainstream comic media.
"I don’t think DC had a single concern about the scene, if I remember correctly," she wrote. "They are actually really good about LGBTQ content, which is what makes it irritating that there isn't more of it in the books themselves, as it means much of the onus is on us, the creative teams, and we haven’t delivered despite the road being pretty dang clear, actually."
Share your thoughts below about DC's reveal, feel free to drop us any related titles we should be looking at, and cast your vote on who the mystery character is.

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