Discuss: Which Coen Brothers Movie Has the Greatest Rewatchability?

Discuss: Which Coen Brothers Movie Has the Greatest Rewatchability?

Aug 01, 2012

There isn't one special thing you can point to that transforms a movie into one you can watch over and over again. Sometimes it has to do with nostalgia, where you're drawn to a certain film because it was something you grew up watching and therefore feel more comfortable being around it. Sometimes it's a performance you can't get enough of, or an intricate plot you love dissecting over the course of multiple viewings. And sometimes, like with the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, it's all of these things and more. Certain filmmakers create addictive characters, dialogue and plotlines -- as if they're mad scientists who secretly know the correct recipe for rewatchability. The Coen brothers, in my opinion, are members of a rare club in that almost all of their films age like fine wine and only get better the more times you watch them. 

A great example of this is Fargo, which was on cable last night and for one reason or another drew me into its cold, corny, Midwest charm. As I sat there, munching on an after-dinner snack and laughing at lines that felt just as fresh now as they did the other countless times I've watched the movie, I thought about that secret rewatchability recipe, and just how many Coen brothers movies it can be applied to. Why do we love watching their movies so much? What are they doing to us, and how are they doing it? Damn those crazy Coen kids!

So, naturally, I wanted to know what others thought. I went to Twitter and asked folks to give me their picks for the top three Coen brothers movies with the greatest rewatchability. Mine were The Big Lebowski, Fargo and Raising Arizona. What I quickly discovered was that I was in no way alone in feeling this way about their movies. The responses poured in -- from other film journalists like Anne Thompson, Scott Weinberg, Sasha Stone, Eric D. Snider and Brian Truitt, to professional screenwriters like Geoff LaTulippe (Going the Distance), and, of course, the regular old movie fanatics who love to geek out on this stuff daily. 

The results?

After scouring through all the responses, the three most popular Coen Bros. titles with the greatest rewatchability are ...

1. The Big Lebowski

2. Fargo and Raising Arizona (tied)

3. O Brother, Where Art Thou

Other films with multiple mentions included A Serious Man, The Hudsucker Proxy, Miller's Crossing and True Grit.

Do you agree with the top choices? Let us know your picks for the Coen brothers movies with the greatest rewatchability below.


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