Discuss: What Movie Characters Would You Like to See in a "Sort-Of Sequel"?

Discuss: What Movie Characters Would You Like to See in a "Sort-Of Sequel"?

May 10, 2012

After the ginormous success of The Avengers, it would seem the idea of a spin-off is backwards thinking. The cool thing to do now ought to be compiling a bunch of semi-related solo adventures then compiling the characters into one big epic ensemble piece. But even The Avengers is spawning spin-off talk, specifically with the characters of Black Widow and the Hulk -- well, that would be a reboot spun-off from a movie that included a previous Hulk reboot as canon. I think. 

Spin-offs are more common in TV history, but they're occasional in movies, too. The Chronicles of Riddick, The Scorpion King, Evan Almighty, Puss in Boots, Elektra, Get Him to the Greek, U.S. Marshalls, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the X-Men Origins movies and all of the American Pie offshoots featuring Eugene Levy as the sole returning castmember. They've also been contemplated as ways of keeping the cash flowing on franchises like Harry Potter, TwilightStar Wars and Mission: Impossible

But now, in part thanks to Judd Apatow's This is 40, the new phrasing for fresh Hollywood trend-making is "sort of sequel." That new comedy is being advertised as a "sort of sequel" to Knocked Up, as it follows the supporting characters played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Today, another "sort of sequel" was announced, this one to 10 Things I Hate About You titled 10 Things I Hate About Life. Some people are theorizing that The Dark Knight Rises could potentially lead to a "sort of sequel" to Christopher Nolan's Batman series starring Azrael. 

So here's a question for discussion: what movie characters would you like to see receive a "sort of sequel," or spin-off? Personally, just going by recent films I'd pick The Howling Commandos (Captain America), Jack/Uggie the dog (The Artist), the unicorn from The Cabin in the Woods and David Carr (Page One). As for older stuff, how about a new Hollywood noir led by Detectives DeLongpre (Lyle Lovett) and Avery (Whoopi Goldberg) from The Player?

Here are a few responses to the question I received on Twitter:

Quick and easy and obvious first thing that popped into my head: Boba Fett. Also, I wouldn't have minded to see more of Tuco Ramírez's adventures. - Andy Rattinger, @Rattinger

Someone should make a dark animated feature about the bear that gets Timothy Treadwell in Grizzly Man. Call it Bear 141. - Daniel Walber, @DSWalber

X-Men 1st Class - Magneto and Mystique together, only if it's Fassbender and Lawrence - Monika Bartyzel, @MBartyzel

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