Discuss: What Long-Ago Promised Movies Do You Wish Would Escape Development Hell?

Discuss: What Long-Ago Promised Movies Do You Wish Would Escape Development Hell?

Jun 13, 2012

There's no better time than this week -- when Rock of Ages and That's My Boy are the new releases we've got to choose from -- to dream about the movies we wish were coming out instead. I mean the ones that have been promised to us by the reportage of the future-obsessed movie media but so far haven't been officially greenlit. Sadly, I've been doing this for enough years to realize that most of the titles that are announced probably will never happen. 

However, partly thanks to questions by journalists at junkets and elsewhere we'll never stop hearing about Ghostbusters 3 (Bill Murray's says they'll try again) and the Oldboy remake (Spike Lee says he's still waiting) and this or that sequel, TV series adaptation or dream project. I'm guilty of it, too. I can't go through an interview with someone like Marshall Curry and not ask him where that Racing Dreams redo is already, if it's even still in development.

I actually wish there was a list somewhere keeping track of every title that's announced and when we first heard about it so I could see how many of these unfulfilled projects there really are. There's Listverse's now-half-obsolete list of projects stuck in development hell and there's Den of Geek's tracking of sequels that have been reportedly put into development, many of which won't happen -- especially if Will Smith was in the original, it now seems.

While I know there are a ton of these phantom films, we can't be too negative about them anymore. With long-awaited stuff like The Hobbit, Anchorman 2, Ender's Game, Arrested Development and The World's End finally coming our way, you can be hopeful that even HaloY: The Last Man, The Professional 2, Justice League, the dramatized redo of the doc Hands on a Hard Body and, yes, A Confederancy of Dunces will eventually find their way to the big screen. 

But I guess we don't want Hollywood to rush any of these anticipated movies, especially those based on beloved properties. And after the travesty of John Carter -- and I'm not talking about the marketing, because that is a truly terrible movie -- maybe that should be a sign that not all our dreams should come true. 

So I guess for this discussion's sake, let's just assume the movies we want out of developmnet hell already will actually be worth it. 

Some suggestions that come from my Twitter followers include Edgar Wright's Ant Man (@grmartin), Heathers 2 (@dordotson) and Get Happy, the Judy Garland biopic that Anne Hathway is supposed to star in (@jbdcampbell). Personally, I still want a Terry Gilliam-directed Good Omens above all others.  

Which long-in-the-works movie are you most looking forward to?

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