Discuss: Does 'Hancock' Deserve a Sequel?

Discuss: Does 'Hancock' Deserve a Sequel?

Jan 19, 2012

With so many superhero movies arriving in theaters that are already based on existing properties, it was a welcomed change when Hancock first hit the scene back in 2008. Directed by Peter Berg and starring Will Smith, Hancock had gone through several versions in pre-production -- with it being a dirty, R-rated superhero drama at one point -- which eventually hurt the film, storywise, in our opinion. We loved the twist [spoiler warning] that Charlize Theron was also a superhero, but we weren't crazy about the whole soul mates angle between her and Will Smith. The film would've been much more successful had she been a straight-up villain, but what can you do. Aside from its story issues, Berg and Smith still delivered a fun, original superhero flick -- so much so that, now, folks are beginning to talk sequel.

According to Berg, he, Smith and others are trying to figure out a way to bring Hancock back to the big screen. "We've been talking about the sequel between us, Will Smith, [producers] Michael Mann and Akiva Goldsman and myself. We're all interested, but we literally just have trouble getting into the same room at the same time. We did have a series of meetings last year and started to hash out an idea for sequel -- and Will Smith actually had the idea -- so I think it will happen, it's just a question of timing."  """

With Smith it's always a question of timing seeing as he's one of the few actors working today who's almost guaranteed to open a film big. Like $100 million big. Hancock isn't the only sequel Smith is wanted for; Roland Emmerich would also love to have him back for more Independence Day movies, and we imagine every other director would like him to star in their next film, whatever it is. First, though, Smith will be starring opposite his son once more in M. Night Shyamalan's next, After Earth, due out Summer 2013.

What do you think about a Hancock sequel? Did you think the first one had an interesting enough mythology to warrant another installment? Sound off below ... [via CBM]

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