DISCourse: Reuniting with The Goonies Gang

DISCourse: Reuniting with The Goonies Gang

Nov 03, 2010

In the immortal words of Cyndi Lauper, Goonies apparently are good enough, at least enough to get their own 25th anniversary celebration. The special collectible DVD/BD edition of The Goonies, the Steven Spielberg-produced adventure directed by Richard Donner, came out this week (get details), and Warner Bros. hosted a celebration for it with some of the stars and filmmakers and a scavenger hunt whose contestants (chosen in a sweepstakes from some 25,000 entrants) traversed the lot using their Goonies knowledge to uncover $5,000.

In between the treasure hunting, Donner said it would be difficult nowadays to find a young, inexperienced cast like he did for The Goonies. "These were the most naïve, untouched group of kids I've ever known in my life." Donner is currently working on a Goonies musical for Broadway.

Feldman says some of the Goonies gang gets together once every few years and that the subject of a sequel always comes up. "If there was a good script and a recipe to do a sequel, we would have done it," he said. "I don't think there was anything that came through the pipeline that was The One."

Robert Davi, who played bad-guy Jake Fratelli (pictured, second from left), has his own idea for a follow-up. “The Fratelli brothers are exhuming our mother’s body because she has the secret to where the ship went,” he said. “I’m doing a singing act and extorting places that put me in because I’m not very good.” In real life, Davi is actually a very good singer and performs Sinatra covers professionally.

Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk (pictured, far left), added, "Usually when a sequel comes out 20 some years later, it's a bad sign. As a film, I'm personally not into it." Feldman, who recently reprised his Lost Boys character for two straight-to-video sequels, jokingly begged his former co-star to "slow down" with the sequels-suck shtick. Cohen, who slimmed down to the point he can no longer do Chunk's patented "truffle shuffle,” is almost unrecognizable as the Goonie that he played. "I used to be Chunk, now I'm Hunk," he said.

Casting director Mike Fenton summed up the reunion best. "The Goonies is amazing because it touches so many generations," he said. "People have seen hundreds of movies in their lifetimes…and they’re Goonies first. They love it.”


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