DISCourse: Our Interview With The Human Centipede Writer-Director Tom Six Will Make Your Skin Crawl

DISCourse: Our Interview With The Human Centipede Writer-Director Tom Six Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Oct 07, 2010

If they gave out awards for movies most likely to make audiences run away from theaters, 37-year-old Dutch filmmaker Tom Six would win that honor hands down. His The Human Centipede (First Sequence), about a mad German scientist who kidnaps three people and surgically attaches them mouth-to-anus for his own amusement, was undoubtedly the most talked-about horror film of the year, and the number one film that most people were too afraid to see. Even the trailer was more than some could stomach--although it actually delivers most of its scares by making viewers imagine what they aren't seeing. The twisted writer-director appears in his own trailer for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) talking about the controversy surrounding him. We get to the bottom of the matter (pardon the pun) in this illuminating interview during which Six discusses the death threats he received, Human Centipede care tips, and the exact nature of his childhood…

Movies.com: You have made one of the most talked-about—and avoided--movies of the year, and possibly ever. Would you describe yourself as sadistic?
Tom Six: Yes, but in a charming way. The Marquis de Sade must have been family, I am sure.

Movies.com: What are the best foods to keep a Human Centipede healthy and happy? We assume Mexican food is a bad idea.
Six: Lots of vegetables, occasionally some meat and some good fiber to keep the feces soft. McDonald’s once a week can do no harm.

Movies.com: You've received death threats on Facebook because of The Human Centipede. Can you share some of the other reactions you got?
Six: Some people say I have to be shot, some people want to sterilize me, and others say I am worse than Hitler or want to smash my face in with a brick. Luckily there are also people who think I am a genius, so fortunately there is some balance.

Movies.com: Some people think you are crazy for cooking up this premise. How was your childhood, anyway?
Six: I had a very happy childhood. I grew up in a very sweet family together with my sister, Ilona. No strange things have happened which could have influenced my thoughts. I just have an enormous imagination.

Movies.com: If three people stitched together is "medically accurate," as The Human Centipede tagline suggests, and 12 people stitched together in the sequel is "medically inaccurate," what is, say, six or seven?
Six: You will understand this question after you have seen part two.

Movies.com: Centipedes always have an odd number pair of legs, but but with the 12 people you want to stitch together in The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) you'd have an even number. Would you add another or remove one person in your sequel to please arthropod enthusiasts?
Six: A better idea is, I think, to remove some legs of people in the centipede. That would maybe make everybody happy.

Movies.com: If one used a scale of 1-10 to rate the actors on the set of The Human Centipede with one being totally lighthearted and 10 being really freaked out, how would you rate your cast?
Six: My cast had huge balls playing these parts. Their thoughts during shooting sometimes must have been a five, I think, because this isn’t your average sweet romantic comedy.

Movies.com: What are the chances of Lindsay, played by Ashley C. Williams, or anyone else from the original coming back for The Full Sequence?
Six: That's the big secret. Wait and see!

Movies.com: The doctor in the first movie, played by Dieter Laser, made a "three-dog" before he made the Human Centipede. In your mind, did he practice on anything else before he made his three-dog?
Six: He told me he did some nasty experimentations with guinea pigs, but that didn’t work out as well as his Rottweiler dogs.

Movies.com: Your little diagram of the continuous gastrointestinal tract and the three bodies has been made into necklaces, a $100 cat toy and tattoos. What other merchandise would you like to see it on?
Six: I would love to see a chain of celebrity dolls that you can click together, mouth to ass. You already have the pee dolls, now it's time for some celebrity poo dolls.

Movies.com: Since you had to have three actors connected mouth to butt comfortably for hours on end, what advice would you give daring folks this Halloween that want to pull off a Human Centipede costume?
Six: Definitely try it, but be sure you wear kneepads and plan to go to a good massage parlor afterwards.

Movies.com: The middle segment is clearly the least envious position to be in, and in the film the doctor punishes Lindsay for trying to escape by making her the middle. If you were the doctor and wanted to punish someone in real life, whom would you like to put in the middle?
Six: I will make a complete chain for you. The head will be a pedophile, the middle one will be an animal molester and the tail will be negative film critic.

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