Dirty-Talking ‘Hit & Run’ Trailer May Offend, While the Stars Ask ‘Can a Song Save Your Life?’

Dirty-Talking ‘Hit & Run’ Trailer May Offend, While the Stars Ask ‘Can a Song Save Your Life?’

Jun 27, 2012

Catherine Keener

Musical Dynamics: The cast for the music-themed Can a Song Save Your Life? has been shaping up nicely since Keira Knightley replaced Scarlett Johansson, who left the project due to personal reasons: Mark Ruffalo’s uncertain status as leading man -- a record producer who recognizes Knightley's talent -- has been confirmed, with Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) set to play his daughter. Catherine Keener (above) is the latest to come aboard; she’ll play Ruffalo’s estranged wife. John Carney (Once) will direct.  [Deadline]

Lost Thriller: His name may not be immediately familiar, but Jack Bender directed 37 (?!) episodes of the TV epic Lost and has a solid resume as a man who knows how to deliver the genre goods. He was set to direct the next installment in the Jack Ryan series, but that fell through due to ‘scheduling conflicts.’ Now he’s developing a thriller provisionally titled Devolution, based on an idea by Max Brooks (World War Z). We’re hoping it doesn’t get “lost” in development hell, and that we learn more soon. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Say Good Night, Charlie: Any movie involving the unique talents of writer / director Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich) always grabs our attention, so we were eagerly anticipating his upcoming Frank or Frances, which appeared to have a great cast (Steve Carell, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Catherine Keener, Kevin Kline) set for a musical satire about Oscar-seeking, self-serious movies. Alas, would-be cast member Elizabeth Banks says it won’t be happening, at least in that incarnation: “It fell apart at the last minute.” However, official word is that it's been "postponed." Aargh!!! [Moviefone via Vulture]

Bleeping Humor: The first trailer for the comedy Hit & Run, starring Dax Shepherd, Kristen Bell, and Bradley Cooper, was not well-received around these parts; the new, red-band (definitely NSFW) trailer stops the pussyfooting around and sells itself with non-stop profanity and glimpses of old-people nudity. [Yahoo! Movies]


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