The Director Behind the Worst Movie Ever Made Reveals His New TV Show

The Director Behind the Worst Movie Ever Made Reveals His New TV Show

Jul 16, 2014


Oh gosh, where do we even begin with this one? Tommy Wiseau, the director famous for his highly quotable, extremely terrible, oft-labeled worst movie in the history of cinema, The Room, has a sitcom arriving this September.

Tommy Wiseau's The Neighbors has a brand spanking new website, which boasts a Wiseau sound effect (he’s impersonating a chicken, we’re guessing… yeah we have no idea either). The promos for the series are as bizarre as expected and involve Tommy Wiseau brand men’s underwear (a spoof on the Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs — a joke about 15 years too late).

Look, as nonsensical and awful as all this stuff appears, Wiseau always looks like he’s having a great time, and that’s something. Here’s a synopsis from the maestro himself and a few video goodies to get you pumped for what could be the second worst piece of media of all time. At least he's ambitious. Dig the hair piece, too. [First spotted via The Playlist]






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